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16 May 2018

Georgia State University Schedules Do-Over for Graduation Ceremony Marred by Bad Weather

Georgia State University graduates will get another chance to walk in a few days.

An email sent by the Atlanta college, Wednesday afternoon, announced a "special recognition ceremony" for bachelor’s degree graduates this Sunday.

"This unique event for students who graduated last Thursday provides the opportunity for individual recognition, something that was not possible then because of the threat of lightning," the university email reads.

Spring 2018 commencement ceremonies at Georgia State University were scheduled for May 10. The event was held outdoors at Georgia State Stadium. Potential lightning caused school officials to have an abbreviated program that consisted of graduates turning their tassels, followed by a round of applause led by University President Mark Becker.

The shortened ceremony created a storm of criticism on social media. Degree candidates quickly demanded a do-over. An online petition received over 4,400 signatures from people asking the college to hold another ceremony so that graduates could walk across the stage and be individually recognized.

The re-scheduled graduation program is slated for May 20 at 2 p.m. in the Georgia State Sports Arena.