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02 March 2018

OPINION: Clayton County is Biggest Winner in Delta-NRA Spat

Clayton County schools superintendent Morcease Beasley is probably the luckiest S.O.B. in Georgia politics right now.

He opposed the Delta tax break because it would rob his school district of much needed tax dollars to educate students in the majority-black area.

WAGA-TV reported, February 13, that Clayton County school officials said the Delta tax break would "create a $20 million hole in their budget and deprive students of critical resources."

Democrat and Republican lawmakers were willing to ignore Beasley's concerns because Delta is Delta.

Delta has experienced, high-paid lobbyists and can dole out campaign contributions to all 236 state legislators. Clayton County has a bunch of black students who can walk out of class in protest.

It wasn't much of a contest. Then Delta decided to end its discount for NRA members, and Beasley's luck changed.

Republicans walked away from the tax break to prove their NRA bona fides, and Democrats supported the tax break to prove they weren't Republicans.

The biggest beneficiary of that rigamarole was, you guessed it, Clayton County.

No big tax break for Delta means no big loss of tax dollars for Clayton County schools.

That makes Clayton County and their superintendent of schools, Morcease Beasley, the big winner in all this mess.