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12 March 2018

Korean Pop Sensation CIFIKA Sets Date for Atlanta Invasion

Korean pop sensation CIFIKA looks to make musical magic in Atlanta later this month.

(CIFIKA heads to Atlanta for a performance at the Drunken Unicorn, March 31. Image courtesy CIFIKA)
The singer, songwriter and producer from Seoul brings a solid underground following from her homeland. She hopes she can re-create that success overseas, as she tours America for the first time. Her journey to Atlanta and more than 20 other cities is the biggest United States tour by any Korean artist ever.

"I know it will be a challenge to tour 20 different cities," CIFIKA says. "But after this, I'm going to be a lot stronger and will have tons of new ideas to make my next album.”

Billboard magazine calls CIFIKA an "alluring-yet-mysterious pop siren."

"Prism", the artist's newly-released EP, looks to illuminate CIFIKA and her talents.

"Pieta" by CIFIKA

"This EP and tour is called 'Prism' because I wanted to be transparent about who I am. Prisms showcase the many different colors of the single light that we see and I wanted that to be the medium for people when they hear my music,” CIFIKA said.

"Prism" runs the entire gamut of CIFIKA's emotions and experiences.

Her single, "Pieta", sounds upbeat, but CIFIKA says she wrote the song during the "saddest season of my life." "Good Luck from Her" is a slower track. Still, it reflects the imagination and hope CIFIKA aims for in the world. In short, this EP explores CIFIKA's dreams and frustrations as a bicultural artist.

“I wanted to emphasize my uniqueness of lyrics, such as rhymes that combine Korean and English, repeating phrases on each song," she says. "I also wanted to showcase how my vocal range and sound have changed dramatically from my previous releases.

"I felt much more freedom making this EP than ever before."

CIFIKA is scheduled to perform at the Drunken Unicorn, March 31. Tickets are available here