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19 October 2017

A Note About Plagiarism and Extreme Edits to Our Stories

Plagiarism is wrong.

Publishing someone else's work without giving them the credit can cause a lot of problems, especially when that person's work is sliced and diced so that the original publication no longer appears as the author intended.

Two days ago, I published an article that gave details about the death of a 19-year-old who attended Imagine Music Festival last month. The 500-plus word piece was the result of repeated calls and emails to the Henry County Coroner, Henry County Police Department, and Imagine Music Festival representatives.

An extremely edited version of our article appeared on EDMTunes ( Other outlets like "EDM All Day," ( "Music Junkie TV," ( "This Song is So Sick," ( and others ran the EDMTunes version of my work on their respective sites.

I received an email from Imagine representatives this evening, expressing concerns about my reporting. I sent them a link directly to Georgia Unfiltered's coverage, and highlighted the differences between my work and the plagiarized content appearing on other web pages.

I stand by my reporting and I stand by the story I wrote.

I have no control over how other people warp, maim, and mutilate my work, except to say, don't do it again.