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07 August 2017

'90s Nostalgia Lures PBS Kids Cosplay to Dragon Con

(Fans of '90s-era PBS Kids programming are planning a cosplay at Dragon Con, September 1st. Image courtesy PBS Kids.)
"Reading Rainbow," "Shining Time Station," "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?," and "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" were among the most popular shows airing on PBS Kids twenty years ago.

Many adults, in their mid-to-late twenties and early thirties today, fondly remember spending their childhood watching LeVar Burton, Lynne Thigpen and Fred Rogers on TV. Even now, the faces of kids who grew up in the '90s glimmer with excitement when they hear the opening notes of their favorite PBS program.

That turn-of-the-century nostalgia is the driving force behind a cosplay event coming together next month at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

First popularized in the 90s, cosplay involves individuals portraying their favorite heroes and villains from movies, TV shows and comic books by wearing elaborate costumes.

Bradley Spears, an award-winning cosplayer from Texas, is organizing the Reading Rainbow/PBS Kids meetup and encouraging people to dress as their favorite PBS Kids character.

"I'm pushing for the classics," Spears said. "I have a Reading Rainbow cosplay that I plan on debuting [at Dragon Con]. I have a mobile battery operated sign, the theme music that plays, books, the works!"

Already the PBS Cosplay has drawn high interest on both Facebook and Reddit. People are promising to don Captain Kangaroo and Bob Ross costumes for a group photo in the Marriott Marquis lobby, September 1st.

Dragon Con organizers expressed delight at a new cosplay emerging at this year's event, welcoming PBS Kids' fans to the festivities.

Dragon Con is an annual pop culture convention held Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Organized for fans, Dragon Con features more than 3,000 hours of comics, film, television, costuming, art, music, and gaming over four days.