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09 May 2017

Female Performs Sexual Acts in Webcam Video Broadcast from Georgia State University Library

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so former Oregon State University student Kendra Sunderland might be flattered to know that her webcam exploits were copied by a female hundreds of miles across the country.

(A female, identified as Erika Redding by Georgia State University police, broadcasts a live webcam show, featuring nudity and sexual acts, from the library of Georgia State University.)
Two videos posted on a pornographic website showed a woman, identified as Erika Redding by Georgia State University police, in the campus library naked (NSFW) and masturbating, all the while looking over her shoulder for anyone who might see her and stop the show.

Redding was not a GSU student at the time of the webcam broadcast, according to the police report. She was accepted at the college, but never registered for classes.

Georgia State University Police Chief Joseph Spillane indicated that if Redding had been a GSU student, she would be subject to the university's code of conduct.

Library officials did not want to prosecute Redding for her actions. Instead, they asked GSU police to issue Redding a criminal trespass warning.

Georgia State University Police Chief Joseph Spillane noted that the school has "made significant investments in the security of the libraries," including cameras, more security and police, as well as biometric entry gates.

This is not the first time a female has shot a sexual webcam video on a college campus.

As noted above, Kendra Sunderland made headlines in 2014 after being caught in her university's library broadcasting a live webcam show. At the University of Newcastle in Australia, school officials "steam cleaned" the library following the revelation that a female student frequently used the media center as a backdrop for her online sex shows.

Increasing college costs may have something to do with students looking at alternative ways of earning the money to pay for their classes.

A CBS 46 report, in February, said that more and more female college students are turning to sugar daddies for help paying their bills, with Georgia State University and the University of Georgia among the nation's leaders according to; a website that connects sugar babies to sugar daddies.

Still, while broadcasting live webcam shows from university buildings may bring the reward of extra cash, it brings some serious risks too.

The Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct prohibits any conduct which is obscene or indecent. The penalty for violating the GSU student code ranges from a written reprimand to expulsion.