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30 May 2017

Douglas County Commission Requests Quotes for Operating New Bus System

Public transit looms on the horizon for another metro Atlanta county.

Douglas County started soliciting quotes for firms interested in operating their new bus system, estimated to cost $2 million to operate its first year. Documents provided by the county say local taxpayers will only foot $400,000 of the bill, including fares. The remaining $1.6 million will be funded through a Congestion Mitigation, Air Quality (CMAQ) grant.

Commissioners approved a name for the new transportation service at their April 18th meeting.

Connect Douglas is expected to hit the streets in 2018 with two routes serving Arbor Place mall and other major commercial, retail, educational, dining, medical and government locations in the Douglasville area. A third route could be added late next year or in 2019.

Bus fares are expected to range between $1 and $2 per one-way trip. Connect Douglas is tentatively scheduled to operate from 6AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday, and from 7AM to 3PM on Saturday.

District 2 Commissioner Kelly Robinson, a proponent of the new bus system, said significant Douglas County employers are having a difficult time keeping people due to the lack of adequate transit.

Robinson also left the door open to the possibility of a state-run, regional transit agency including his county.

"If the State comes down and says we need to consolidate regionally we’ll visit that when that time comes," Robinson said.