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05 April 2017

Georgia State University Tweets Taunts at Students During Severe Weather

The National Weather Service issued several severe weather watches and warnings for the metropolitan Atlanta area Wednesday.

Delta Air Lines cancelled 300 flights due to the storms.

But at Georgia State University, the word from their official Twitter account Wednesday morning was, "Suck it up, buttercup . . . and bring an umbrella."

In response to a student's concern about walking to classes in heavy rains and potentially heavy winds, the GSU Twitter handle replied, "Hope you have an umbrella."

As the weather deteriorated in downtown Atlanta, so did the tweets.

A flurry of memes and animated gifs were traded back and forth between Twitter users, concerned that Georgia State was not treating the weather with the gravity it deserved, and the official GSU Twitter account.

Amid the barrage of criticism, Georgia State University posted an apology on Twitter.

It read, "We got a little sassy today, and we are sorry if we offended anyone. All emergency notifications will be posted on"

Local weather forecasters urged Atlanta-area residents to be weather aware ahead of Wednesday's storms

"Be prepared for the worst. We will have tornadoes and damaging winds. There will be damage. There will be widespread power outages," WSB-TV Chief Meteorologist Glenn Burns said.

The University of West Georgia heeded the severe weather warnings, cancelling all day and evening classes at their Carrollton campus.