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27 February 2017

Atlanta Democrat Behind Proposal to Name Two Streets After Samuel L. Jackson & Tyler Perry

Georgia State Senator Donzella James (D - Atlanta) resumed her street naming spree at the State Capitol this year.

James, the legislator behind a 2016 proposal to re-name a south Fulton County road in honor of controversial preacher Creflo Dollar, introduced two bills that would dedicate a couple of heavily traveled Atlanta thoroughfares to entertainers Samuel L. Jackson and Tyler Perry.

Senate Resolution 243 changes Lee Street, from the Mall at West End to the entrance of Fort McPherson, to Tyler Perry Highway.

Senate Resolution 298 adds the name of actor Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, LaTanya, to a portion of State Route 3 near the Atlanta University Center.

Both bills declare it is "abundantly fitting and proper" for Jackson and Perry to be honored with a road bearing their respective names.

S.R. 243 and S.R. 298 were both referred to the Senate Transportation Committee.