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30 January 2017

Financial Stability Among Top Traits Americans Search for When Looking for Love, Poll Says

Atlanta-based SunTrust Bank commissioned a poll to see what Americans search for when looking for love.

Not surprisingly, financial stability is among the top traits people prefer.

41 percent of Americans consider financial stability to be among the traits they find most important in a partner, ranking only behind personal values (78 percent) and personality (73 percent). Further, more people value financial stability than looks (21 percent) or physical fitness (21 percent), according to an online survey conducted in January 2017 by Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust among over 2,000 U.S. adults.

"People identify financial stability as an important trait because they know money – and how one manages it – impacts a relationship," said Brian Ford, financial well-being executive at SunTrust Bank. "People often enter relationships with different monetary goals and views. For example, one may want to save more for retirement and can't understand why a partner is more focused on short-term experiences. The keys to overcoming financial discord in a relationship are communication and compromise."

The SunTrust survey also found that a third of Americans in a relationship believe they are the saver and their spouse/partner is the spender. In contrast, only 21 percent claimed they are the spender and their spouse/partner is the saver.