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13 December 2016

Survey Says Lyft Generated $41.3 Million for Atlanta's Economy in 2016

A new economic survey released this week suggests the local Atlanta economy saw an extra $41.3 million in 2016 due to the ride-sharing service, Lyft.

Conducted by the Land Econ Group, and commissioned by Lyft, the study also showed passengers in Atlanta will save $21.9 million in travel time value and over 710,000 travel hours this year alone because of Lyft.

"Based on survey results from tens of thousands of Lyft users, we found that Lyft creates a significant positive economic impact in each of the twenty metro regions we have studied," said Bill Lee, Senior Partner at Land Econ Group. "Passengers have responded to the significant time savings and enhanced mobility Lyft provides by visiting local businesses more often, staying out longer, and exploring new areas of their city that are otherwise difficult to reach."

The national survey examined over 20 Lyft markets across the country, including Atlanta. In 2016, local economies will see over $750 million in additional spending due to the availability of Lyft. Access to Lyft also meant that passengers saved over $500 million and 26 million travel hours compared to alternative transportation modes.

In Atlanta, the study also found:

  • 87% of passengers are more likely to avoid drinking while intoxicated because of Lyft
  • 53% of passengers use their personal vehicle less because of Lyft
  • 46% of passengers spend more at their local business
  • 43% of Lyft drivers are female, the highest among the 20 cities surveyed
  • 30% of rides start in underserved areas