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01 November 2016

Superior Court Judge Says Loch Lomond Community Can Stay in Atlanta

Residents in a southwest Atlanta community received a little clarity from a Fulton County Superior Court Judge, Monday.

Judge Gail Tusan ruled the City of Atlanta lawfully annexed the Loch Lomond community, meaning residents in that area will not be voting on the South Fulton cityhood question.

Judge Tusan's 22-page ruling marks the potential end of a protracted legal battle that pit neighbor against neighbor in the 271-acre neighborhood.

The lawsuit, seeking to overturn the Loch Lomond annexation, was filed by supporters of the proposed city of South Fulton to stop Atlanta and other nearby municipalities from expanding their borders before voters had their say on cityhood.

Another suit, which voided the Atlanta annexation of several areas in the Cascade community, is currently under appeal before the State Supreme Court.

Johnson v. Atlanta Ruling by Andre Walker on Scribd