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19 October 2016

Republican Leader of South Fulton Cityhood Campaign Rejected for Top Job in North Miami

Cityhood for unincorporated south Fulton was not the first choice for a top general in the "vote yes" camp.

Camilla Johnson Moore, the self-styled chairman of the people's campaign for South Fulton cityhood, applied to be city manager in North Miami, Florida before having her application shot down by local officials.

North Miami is a city about ten miles north of Miami. The municipality has an estimated population of more than 60,000. The city began a national search for a new city manager after the previous one resigned in September of last year.

Moore was one of 56 people who submitted their names for consideration. Included in her application packet, which was obtained by Georgia Unfiltered using open records requests, were references from top Georgia Republicans like former state GOP chairman Rusty Paul, former Secretary of State Karen Handel and State Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley.

The North Miami City Council opted for another individual, announcing their pick earlier this year, despite the ringing endorsements Moore had from the Georgia GOP.

Moore's job application in Florida is not her first attempt at leading a city.

The South Fulton Republican once applied to be city administrator in the middle Georgia town of Forsyth. Moore was unceremoniously removed from consideration after a background check showed she did not have the doctorate she claimed on her paperwork.