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04 October 2016

College Park Official Gives Backhanded Endorsement to City of South Fulton

A local elected official believes South Fulton cityhood could help College Park combat its crime problem.

College Park has often been labeled as the most dangerous by many travel sites and bloggers because of its crime.

Local media outlets have also contributed to this notion by labeling crime scenes as College Park, even though the incidents actually took place in unincorporated south Fulton County., a website used by Fulton County Police to brief the public on lawlessness in their neighborhoods, says 121 incidents of crime occurred in unincorporated south Fulton between 20 September 2016 and 4 October 2016. Nearly all of these crimes happened in College Park, but not within the College Park city limits.

Area residents and groups, like the Historic College Park Neighborhood Association, frequently fight for accuracy in reporting when it comes to appropriately labeling crime. Their efforts have largely fallen on deaf ears.

College Park City Council Member Tracey Wyatt says a new City of South Fulton could finally put an end to his city's perceived crime problem.

"It is my opinion that the City of South Fulton, and call me selfish if you like, but it is my understanding that if they were created and became a city, from a public perception of the City of College Park, I think 30 percent of the crime that goes on the TV stations saying that it is College Park would go away overnight," Wyatt said.

"So I, for one, encourage them to vote for the City of South Fulton," Wyatt continued.

Voters in unincorporated south Fulton County are being asked, for the second time in the past ten years, whether they want to create a new city.

The first referendum on the issue failed with 85% voting no in 2007.