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27 September 2016

South Fulton SAT Scores Drop in 2016, Bucking the State Trend

Students across Georgia increased their scores on every section of the traditional SAT in 2016, except in south Fulton County.

Data released by the state Department of Education shows that south Fulton high schools lagged behind the state average.

On the traditional SAT, Georgia’s class of 2016 recorded a mean composite score of 1459 – up nine points since 2015, when the mean score was 1450. Mean scores increased from 490 to 493 for critical reading, 485 to 490 for math and 475 to 476 for writing.

South Fulton's five high schools averaged 1164, down 82 points from 2015. The average south Fulton SAT score for critical reading, math and writing in 2016 was 393, 384 and 386 respectively.

1,389 students at Banneker, Creekside, Langston Hughes, Tri-Cities and Westlake high schools took the traditional SAT in 2016.

The traditional Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an exam used by most colleges and universities in determining admission. 2400 is the maximum score a student can achieve on the traditional SAT.

The SAT was redesigned in 2016 to make it more straightforward and connected to classroom learning. Some of the changes reflected in the new SAT include removing the guessing penalty, focusing on words students will use in college and careers, and making the essay optional. College Board is not reporting school or district results to the state for the new SAT due to the number of students who participated.