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26 August 2016

ZipCar Expands into East Point

ZipCar, an automobile sharing service that allows drivers to rent a car by the hour, expanded into East Point this week with an official launch featuring representatives from the company and other local officials.

(East Point and ZipCar officials cut the ribbon to officially launch the car-sharing service's foray into a new market. Photo Credit: Andre Walker/Georgia Unfiltered)
"It's truly a great day," East Point Mayor Jannquelle Peters said. "It marks a partnership as we take another step towards strengthening our efforts in East Point towards becoming a sustainable community.

"In East Point, we take sustainability very seriously. Sustainability is about creating a more conscious way of living."

Mayor Peters and ZipCar General Manager Vilaire Lazard both highlighted ZipCar's potential to positively impact East Point by reducing the numbers of cars on the road while also offering a low cost alternative to getting around town.

"Each ZipCar takes thirteen personally owned vehicles off the road," Lazard said. "When you think about a typical two car household, instead of owning two cars where that second car only gets used maybe a couple hours in the week, sell that car, save on the monthly payment, and whenever somebody wants to use a second car to run an errand, use a ZipCar."

ZipCar is not new to the metro Atlanta area. ZipCar first came to Atlanta in 2009. The company currently has several locations where customers can pick up a vehicle and pay between $8 and $10 an hour with a maximum of four hours rental time and 180 miles in a 24-hour period.

When asked why ZipCar chose East Point as its newest marker, Lazard said local officials were extremely ambitious about offering another mode of transport to the southside.

"East Point is a very successful city in reference to innovation," Lazard said. "The East Point transportation team are really excited to bring different options, and this will be a great option for the community."

Three Zipcars—a Honda Civic named “Slotnick,” a Honda Civic named “Streep” and a Honda CR-V named “Jannquell” (after East Point’s very own Mayor Jannquell Peters)—are now available by the hour or by the day. The vehicles are parked in designated spots at the East Point MARTA station and the East Point fire station for convenient pick-up and drop-off and can be reserved in seconds on Zipcar’s mobile app, online or over the phone.

Gas is included with every ZipCar rental.

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