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31 August 2016

Imagine Music Festival's Return to Atlanta Motor Speedway Not a Done Deal, Track Spokesman Says

Local pushback to the 2016 Imagine Music Festival is causing Atlanta Motor Speedway officials to "review and evaluate" whether the 3-day event should return to the southside racetrack in 2017.

Dustin Bixby, Atlanta Motor Speedway Director of Marketing and Promotions, says Imagine organizers rented the venue for one year with an option to renew.

"It's something we will review and evaluate," Bixby tells Georgia Unfiltered. "We've gotten feedback from the community that we have passed along to the organizers.

"We will evaluate all the feedback and we will proceed," Bixby continued.

Residents living near Atlanta Motor Speedway say they were inconvenienced by the Imagine's music.

“It sounded like it was my next door neighbors having a party,” Patricia Logue told the Henry Herald.

Logue has launched an online petition urging Henry County Commissioners to enforce the noise ordinance.

Imagine organizers say they hold themselves to a higher standard, and are taking steps to address the concerns raised in the aftermath of the 2016 event.

"With a successful Imagine Music Festival completed, we realize there were certain opportunities and challenges facing us that will need to be immediately addressed and remedied," the Imagine statement reads.