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29 August 2016

Customer Complaints Mar Final Two Days of Imagine Music Festival

Organizers of the 2016 Imagine Music Festival promised three days of good music and great times. And while the music was good, the time was not so great.

As the three-day event came to a close at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Sunday night, irate ticketholders flooded social media with complaints, horror stories, refund demands, and vows never to come back.

"We paid a total of $649.88 for two 'VIP Round 1 Full Weekend' tickets," Kristy Dye, a Johns Creek resident, tells Georgia Unfiltered.

Dye and her husband traveled an hour from their home to Hampton for the festival.

"Their own site says express festival entry, front row pit access area, elevated viewing, air conditioned chill lounge, access to exclusive champagne bars, access to exclusive VIP bars, complimentary champagne toasts, private security, clean air-conditioned bathrooms and free giveaways were included with VIP admission.

"We did not experience any of this," Dye continued.

The biggest complaint, by far, was the lack of directional signs pointing festival-goers to medical aid tents and water stations. Temperatures at the all-asphalt Atlanta Motor Speedway easily hit triple digits during the heat of the day. People needing assistance could not find it on their own. Questions to staff and security were met with shrugging shoulders and replies of "I don't know."

Wandering through the Imagine campgrounds, Georgia Unfiltered heard the same story time and again. The music was great. The DJs brought their "A" game. The festival planning needed much improvement.

"Please add roaming medics," Hailey Elizabeth pleaded on Imagine's Facebook page. "If anything, please do just that. [I] had a really horrible situation last night. No help was available for at least fifteen minutes.

"If you're not going to give us reliable water access, you need to make sure your medics are prepared for lots of dehydration cases."

Georgia Unfiltered is reaching out to Henry County emergency management services for an accurate count of people transported and treated for heat-related illnesses during Imagine Music Festival.

Imagine Festival organizers say the problems of their event are not unsual for any large outdoor gathering.

"The opportunities and challenges facing Imagine Music Festival are no different than those that face any outdoor festival," reads a stament from the Imagine communications team.

"The organizers have taken steps to ensure areas such as water stations, emergency services and amenities are more visible throughout the grounds and will continue to do so for the balance of the festival."