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12 July 2016

State House Candidate with Lengthy Criminal History Impresses Few in Meeting with Local Police


Chutzpah is a Yiddish word that means shameless audacity.

Linda Becquer Pritchett, a Democrat hoping to win a seat in the Georgia General Assembly this year, has a lot of chutzpah.

She recently called an "emergency meeting" to discuss police encounters with local law enforcement and community leaders. It took a lot of chutzpah for Pritchett to organize such a meeting, given her lengthy criminal history.

Pritchett's run-ins with the law are well documented. She once faced tough questions from CBS Atlanta news about her criminal past.

Linda Pritchett CBS Atlanta Interview

Atlanta Progressive News (APN) reported this week that Pritchett entered a plea of guilty to felony grand larceny charges in Virginia. APN also reported Pritchett pled no contest to five misdemeanor charges including unlawful manufacture of license plates and decals, concealing identity of a vehicle, operating an unregistered vehicle, no insurance, and a handicap parking violation.

Dominique Huff, an activist who was asked to speak at the community meeting, said he believed Pritchett should talk about her past.

"I think this is a teachable moment," Huff said. "Candidates should never run from their past. I would encourage her to openly talk about it."

Those who attended Monday night's forum left the venue unimpressed with both Pritchett and the police in attendance.

"Pritchett failed to tell us her agenda, nor did she give any plausible reason that people in the community should vote for her," local resident Romaine Smith said. "[College Park Police Chief Keith]Meadows was a nice guy. However, he dodged the tough questions with regard to rogue police officers.

"He asserted that civilians should comply with officer's commands. He also stated that should we encounter an officer who is essentially out of control, we should attempt to de-escalate the situation in an effort to calm the officer down," Smith continued.