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17 July 2016

Mighty as an Oak Tree, Paul Oakenfold Stands Tall in Atlanta

The Live Oak was designated Georgia's state tree in 1937. It was selected as such because of the oak tree's long-lasting symbolism of strength and endurance.

(Legendary Trance DJ Paul Oakenfold behind the decks at Atlanta's Opera nightclub. Image courtesy ChuckyFoto.)
Much like the great Georgia live oak, DJ Paul Oakenfold stood tall behind the decks at Atlanta's Opera nightclub.

Throughout his set, 15 July, Oakenfold mixed music that both ensnared new fans and reminded the seasoned veterans why he's called the Godfather of Trance. Oakenfold still has it, and he brought it to Atlanta that night.

Oakenfold just looked and sounded like he was really into what he was putting out for the crowd. He read the room's energy and really took the listener somewhere.

Whether they were in general admission or upstairs in the VIP, the people present were on their feet the entire time. A few veterans of the scene said it's one of the best sets they've heard out of him in a while. It was excellent. It was high energy. It was Oakenfold.

Paul Oakenfold's career is now entering its third decade. And like the mighty oak tree, Oakenfold continues to endure because his music is strong.

Oakenfold is the symbol of trance music around the world.