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22 July 2016

Atlanta Earns the Irritating Title of Most Robocalled City in America for Seventh Straight Month

Whether they're from politicians seeking votes or from marketers seeking cash, the American people receive a lot of robocalls.

YouMail, a provider of intelligent, cloud-based telecommunication services, released its monthly report that tracks robocall volumes across the country.

The results for June brought the overall national total to 14.3 billion robocalls through the first six months of 2016. The national total of 2.37 billion robocalls in June equals a stunning 79 million robocalls made each day somewhere the country, or roughly 916 robocalls every second of the month.

The data is based on calls blocked and/or reported as spam by millions of YouMail subscribers nationwide. Having answered billions of calls for its users, YouMail uses algorithms to detect any automatically dialed calls and then aggregates that call data into the Robocall Index.

Atlanta led the YouMail 50 Most Robocalled Cities in America list for the seventh month in a row, receiving an estimated 99.1 million robocalls in June, a 6% decline from the previous month. Atlanta is on track to receive over 1 billion robocalls this year alone.

Atlanta's 404 area code topped the 40 Most Robocalled Area Codes Per Capita list, with an average of 36.0 robocalls received per person/month on average. The other Most Robocalled Area Codes Per Capita included Baton Rouge 225 (32.6 calls/month); Washington, DC 202 (27.6); Macon, GA 478 (19.3); Memphis, TN (18.4); New York, NY 347 (18.3); New Orleans, LA (18.0); Little Rock, AR 501 (17.9); Birmingham, AL 205 (17.1); and Lafayette, LA (15.5).

The National Do Not Call Registry has been largely ineffective because it was created for live telemarketers, not automated robodialers, according to YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. YouMail is inviting Americans to join a national campaign to share the numbers of unwanted robocallers so that telco carriers can deploy free software blocking solutions to guard against those numbers.

"Robocallers are an unmitigated source of irritation for everyday consumers and small business owners across the country," said Quilici. "As robocalls continue to skyrocket, we are building a coalition of fed-up Americans who want to take action to stop this national insanity."