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22 June 2016

Shannon Way Becomes Studio Way Following Unanimous Support from Union City Officials

(The Mayor and City Council of Union City unveiled a new street sign, christening the former Shannon Way as Studio Way. Photo by Andre Walker.)
The Shannon Mall era came to a close at Union City's 21 June 2016 city council meeting.

Shannon Way, the road leading to what was once known as Shannon Mall, is now Studio Way.

Union City Council Members unanimously approved the name change, following a brief public hearing where no opposition appeared.

Studio Way is a short street, off Jonesboro Road, that leads directly to Atlanta Metro Studios. Rooker, the development company that spearheaded the effort to build Atlanta Metro Studios, asked for the street name change.

Phase 1 construction on Atlanta Metro Studios, which started in 2014, is nearly complete in Union City. Crews recently replaced the former Shannon Mall/Union Station sign with a simple, but elegant Atlanta Metro Studios sign.

Atlanta Metro Studios is managed by 404 Studio Partners.