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06 June 2016

Atlanta Expands Its Borders with Unanimous Approval of Loch Lomond Annexation Petition

The City of Atlanta is growing.

By a vote of 15 - 0, the Atlanta City Council determined the best interests of Atlanta would be to include the 271-acre Loch Lomond community in its municipal borders.

The debate over annexation was contentious.

People wanting Loch Lomond to be part of the proposed City of South Fulton were vociferous in their opposition to the annexation.

They said it was illegal. They said it didn't meet the requirements of the law. They said it was voter suppression.

But in the end, the majority ruled.

Sixty percent of Loch Lomond property owners and sixty percent of Loch Lomond registered voters stood strong, and said, "We want Atlanta."

In a short tweet, after the vote, City Council Member Alex Wan welcomed Loch Lomond to Atlanta.