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25 May 2016

South Fulton Tells Bill Edwards, "We Don't Want You Back"

(Former Fulton County Commissioner William "Bill" Edwards [pictured far left] wanted voters to bring him back to his old job. The voters told him no in the 24 May 2016 General Primary. Image courtesy William "Bill" Edwards.)
Former Fulton County Commissioner William "Bill" Edwards summed up his 2016 election campaign in three short words.

Bring Bill Back.

It was a slogan featured prominently on most of Bill Edwards' campaign materials.

Bring Bill Back.

Bill wanted his old job back following his defeat at the hands of Emma Darnell two years ago, and he hoped voters in his old district would bring him back. Bill only lost by 378 votes, after all.

But as the polls closed on 24 May 2016, it became clear that South Fulton did not want Bill back. Voters in Fulton County Commission district 6 decided they wanted to keep Emma Darnell for four more years.

Unofficial election results show that Darnell beat Bill by an even larger margin than in 2014. Darnell won 59 precincts and received 3,773 more votes than Bill Edwards in the 2016 Democratic General Primary. Compare that to the 32 precincts where Edwards beat Darnell, in their 2014 matchup, and Emma's 2016 electoral victory looks even more resounding.

In the simplest terms, Commissioner Emma Darnell managed to move nearly every precinct she lost in 2014 over to her column in 2016.

William "Bill" Edwards, the man given the title of "mayor of South Fulton" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, lost; and he lost bad.

Now the question is whether Bill will be back again for the next election, or is his political career finally over.