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18 May 2016

South Fulton Cityhood Advocates Kicked Out of Public Building After Misleading County Officials

It was supposed to be an organizing meeting for those who support creating a new city called South Fulton.

Instead, the gathering was canceled before it even started.

Georgia Unfiltered has learned that South Fulton cityhood advocates were ordered to move their meeting out of a public building by County Attorney Patrise Perkins-Hooker, after a citizen brought the event to her attention.

Cityhood advocates were distributing flyers (pictured right), that promoted training workshops to "effectively organize and recruit supporters for Cityhood."

This training session prompted a strong rebuke from the Fulton County Attorney.

"The parties who originally reserved the facility did so for a neighborhood association meeting," Perkins-Hooker wrote in an email obtained by Georgia Unfiltered. "Since the topic is clearly one that is not allowed under our existing county policies, we have notified the convener to find another location and cancel the meeting tonight."

Cityhood organizers ultimately held their meeting at a nearby church, where they say over 200 people attended.