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19 May 2016

Fulton County Defends Booting Pro-City of South Fulton Event

Following the abrupt cancellation of a pro-city of South Fulton organizing meeting at a public building last week, Fulton County officials defended their decision to kick a campaign event out of the South Fulton County Government Service Center.

County officials also clarified their position on political activities in county-owned facilities.

In an 25 April 2016 email sent to county employees, and provided to Georgia Unfiltered by Fulton County Director of External Affairs Jessica Corbitt, it is stated clearly, "Fulton County policy prohibits political activity in County facilities and by County employees during work hours."

This email, pictured below, raises new questions about how an overtly political meeting found its way to a county-owned property.

South Fulton cityhood advocates say they were transparent about stating their event was political in nature. An email from Fulton County Attorney Patrise Perkins-Hooker suggests otherwise.

Rodney Littles, speaking for the "People's campaign for Vote Yes for a City in South Fulton," wrote on the group's Facebook page, "The People's Campaign is a People's Movement comprised of the largest number of Homeowner Associations in the history of Fulton County, finding space to accommodate such a large group was important and was made clear when the arrangements to use public space were made."

County Attorney Patrise Perkins-Hooker, in an email obtained by Georgia Unfiltered, writes, "The parties who originally reserved the facility did so for a neighborhood association meeting.

"Since the topic is clearly one that is not allowed under our existing county policies, we have notified the convener to find another location and cancel the meeting tonight."

The pro-cityhood meeting was originally scheduled for 16 May 2016. Cityhood organizers ultimately held their meeting at a nearby church, where they say over 200 people attended.