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01 May 2016

Darnell Brands Fmr. Commissioner's Comeback Bid as "Right Wing Republican" Takeover of Fulton County

Whether intentional or not, Emma Darnell framed the race for the district 6 Fulton County Commission seat as a choice between moving forward with the Democrats or going in reverse with the Republicans.

In a 63-second radio advertisement, Darnell's campaign strongly suggested former Commissioner Bill Edwards' comeback bid is part of a larger Republican conspiracy to takeover Fulton County.

Both Darnell and Edwards are Democrats.

(Former Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards, pictured left, is seeking his old job back. But incumbent Emma Darnell suggests, in a new campaign advertisement, that Edwards' comeback bid is a Republican conspiracy to takeover Fulton County. )
"The right wing Republicans are trying to takeover Fulton County government," the Darnell advert says. "They re-drew the district lines, trying to unseat Democratic Commissioner Emma Darnell, hoping to erase all the civil rights gains she fought for over the years. But it didn't work.

"South Fulton and southwest Atlanta voters said no to Jim Crow gerrymandering, and said yes to keeping Commissioner Emma Darnell," the campaign advertisement continues. "But on May 24, you have the power to stop the right wing once and for all by re-electing Democrat Emma Darnell.

"Let them know that we won't go back. That is unless you want the right wing Republicans to turn back the clock," the paid political advertisement concludes.

You can listen to the Darnell campaign ad here.

First elected to the Fulton County Commission in 1992, Emma Darnell has now been in public office for over two decades.

Darnell once served with her primary opponent, Bill Edwards, on the county commission until redistricting forced the two to run against each other. Darnell won her first match-up with Edwards, in 2014, by 378 votes.