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18 April 2016

Max Graham Takes EDM Back to Its Roots in 5-Hour Atlanta Set

Old school ravers often lament the rampant commercialism that is coupled with electronic dance music (EDM) these days.

They say EDM relies heavily on massive production values at the expense of the music. Some even openly wish the EDM sound would go back underground.

For those purists, Canadian DJ Max Graham's Atlanta show represented a return to the golden age of EDM.

Held at a hole-in-the-wall club just blocks from the city jail, the Max Graham show replaced elaborate decorations and posh ambiance for a more raw, natural feel. In lieu of sophisticated stages was a simple table at the front of the room, with the decks and mixers sitting on top. It was clear that those in attendance were there for the music, and Graham did not disappoint.

Throughout the course of his five-hour set, Max Graham featured old tracks mixed with new. Any EDM aficionado would have recognized much of what was played in that room -- from "As The Rush Comes" by Motorcyle to "Faxing Berlin" by DeadMau5.

It was a journey across the ages.

There were no VIP sections with velvet ropes. There were no high priced drinks. It was just Max Graham, the music, and the fans.

It was a beautiful thing.

Max Graham was brought to Atlanta by the team at Unity promotions. In the two years since the promotion was formed, they've brought a parade of trance DJs like Will Atkinson and Mark Sherry to the Empire State of the South.

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