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11 April 2016

Fulton County Commission Candidate Owes $20K in Back Taxes to the IRS

(Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards owes over $20K in back federal taxes, according to public records. Image courtesy Fulton County Board of Commissioners.)
Tax season is upon us.

In seven days, millions of Americans will file their annual income tax return with the IRS.

Some will get a hefty refund, while others will get a hefty bill. Former Fulton County Commissioner William "Bill" Edwards falls into the latter of the two categories.

Utilizing public records, Georgia Unfiltered has learned that Bill Edwards continues to owe thousands to the federal government.

We first reported Edwards' tax troubles, two years ago.

At the time, public records showed a federal tax lien had been filed against Edwards' home at 623 Greyhawk Way in Fairburn. The lien was filed, 13 October 2014, because the IRS said Edwards owed $140,471.27 in back taxes for the five year period starting in 2008 and ending in 2012.

Now, another federal tax lien has been filed against Edwards; this time, the feds say Edwards owes $20,251.31 for the 2013 tax year. The lien (shown below) was filed with the Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court, 10 March 2016.

Former Commissioner Edwards, a Democrat, is seeking to regain his old seat in the 24 May primary. Edwards was defeated by Commissioner Emma Darnell in 2014.