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26 January 2016

State Senator Donzella James Defends Plan to Name Public Road After Anti-Gay Pastor

State Senator Donzella James is defending her plan to rename Old National Highway after controversial pastor Creflo Dollar.

"This is a church that's doing things in the community to make things better,” James told WSB-TV's Matt Johnson in a televised interview. "So many people have requested this, not even people who go to World Changers” [Johnson, Matt (25 January 2016). State senator wants road renamed after Creflo Dollar. WSB-TV. Retrieved on 26 January 2016.].

Reactions to Senator James' proposal has not been favorable.

An online petition started by George Chidi quickly received 215 signatures in the hours after the planned road name change became public.

In addition, comments on internet forums and message boards are nearly unanimous in their opposition to the idea.

Creflo Dollar is the founder and pastor of World Changers Church International, located in College Park, Georgia.

Dollar is one of the leading proponents of the so-called prosperity gospel; a belief that if an individual gives to the church and believes in God's blessings, they will receive wealth and financial security.

Dollar has also written that gay marriage is an "untruth" discredited by the Bible.

"As a Believer, you must be protective concerning what you hear and receive," Dollar writes. "You should not and do not have to accept any doctrine, view, or opinion that contradicts the Word of God."