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13 January 2016

Southside Community Improvement Districts Combine Efforts to Form Atlanta Aerotropolis CID

Two community improvement districts (CIDs) surrounding Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will host a public meeting on 26 January to discuss their new cooperative partnership.

Airport West and Airport South CID leaders recently agreed to unite their efforts under the name Atlanta Aerotropolis CIDs. The Atlanta Aerotropolis CIDs will conduct a joint public information meeting beginning at 8AM on 26 January at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park.

Airport South CID Chairman Steve Berman said the 26 January meeting will include board members and staff from both CIDs for one-on-one interaction with all stakeholders. These board members represent such employers as Ackerman, Delta, Chick-fil-A, OA Development and Woodward Academy, among others.

“We want to meet with business and property owners as well as community leaders to talk about the Atlanta Aerotropolis CIDs,” Berman said. “We will share details about ongoing work and project plans, and we want to hear about community concerns so we can best address them. We hope everyone catches the vision we have for Atlanta’s next booming region.”

Airport West CID Board Chairwoman Natalie Tyler-Martin said leaders of both CIDs recognize that joint planning efforts are vital to building a strong community that will attract more clients and customers to the Atlanta Aerotropolis area.

“We are excited about this collaboration as it will create amazing growth and development opportunities for our communities and the commercial property owners,” Tyler-Martin said. “As the Atlanta Aerotropolis Alliance continues to gain momentum, our collaboration will be a strong partner for those seeking to invest and grow here at the world’s busiest airport.”

The two CIDs will remain separate entities while working under one administrative umbrella. Airport West CID Executive Director Gerald McDowell will serve as the administrative lead for the Atlanta Aerotropolis CIDs and their staffs.