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25 January 2016

LGBT-Friendly Legislators Back Creflo Dollar Highway Despite Pastor Calling Gay Marriage a Biblical "Untruth"

News that state Senator Donzella James wants to rename a five-mile stretch of road in south Fulton County after controversial pastor Creflo Dollar went viral Monday morning.

Both Georgia Pol and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution picked up Georgia Unfiltered's initial report, and the reaction from commenters on the two sites are almost unanimously against the road name change.

New details about Creflo Dollar's views on gay marriage, extramarital sex, oral sex, and couples living together before marriage have emerged after a search of Creflo Dollar

In an article titled, "Siding with Popular Opinion vs. the Bible," Dollar writes:

These new revelations are sure to surprise some of the co-sponsors of Sen. James' bill, and could cause some consternation among LGBT rights organizations.

Senators Gail Davenport and Harold Jones II, both backers of the Creflo Dollar road-naming proposal, were endorsed by gay rights advocacy group Georgia Equality in 2014 [Bagby, Dyana (9 May 2014). GA Voice endorses Kyle Williams in state Senate District 42 race. Georgia Voice. Retrieved on 25 January 2016.]

A petition is already making its rounds urging lawmakers not to pass Sen. James' bill.