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25 January 2016

Democrat Senators Introduce Bill to Rename Fulton County Road as Creflo Dollar Highway

(Controversial pastor Creflo Dollar [left] could get a road named after him if Sen. Donzella James [right] has her way.)
Creflo Dollar.

That is a name that stirs great passion and great debate in a great many people.

Some people hear the name Creflo Dollar, and immediately sing his praises as they talk about his ministry at World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia.

Others hear the name Creflo Dollar, and think he's a two-bit shyster who uses the Bible and poor religious people to support his lavish lifestyle through the so-called "prosperity gospel."

Soon, this debate over Creflo Dollar and his controversial beliefs could come to the Georgia General Assembly.

A group of Democrat senators, led by Donzella James, are proposing to re-name a five-mile stretch of road in Creflo Dollar's honor.

Senate Resolution 805 dedicates Old National Highway, in south Fulton County, as Creflo Dollar Highway. The bill is co-sponsored by Michael "Doc" Rhett, Gail Davenport, Harold Jones II, and Valencia Seay.

Creflo Dollar has been the focus of some unfavorable headlines in recent years, including allegations of child abuse against his daughter and a very public backlash to asking his followers for a $65 million luxury jet.