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16 November 2015

Atlanta Annexes South Oaks Without a Whimper from Unincorporated South Fulton

It started with a bang, but ended in a bust.

Opposition to Atlanta's annexation of the South Oaks community in unincorporated was loud and vociferous when the proposal was first unveiled in May.

Twenty-one individuals, including two state representatives, lined up at the 6 May 2015 Fulton County Commission meeting to speak out against Atlanta's annexation of South Oaks.

"According to . . . the demographer that looked at all these numbers, the South Oak area has 56 percent," Representative Roger Bruce said. "So just on that basis and that basis alone you have the authority to challenge this annexation because they have not met the minimum requirements and you're responsible for making sure that they meet it and if they don’t then you have a moral obligation and a legal obligation to deny it and that is what we're hoping that you do."

Citizens set up a Facebook page called "Protecting Our Schools: Communities Against Atlanta Annexation. A GoFundMe to fight the annexation in court was established, and $1,036 was raised by fifteen people in six months.

Still, despite all this flurry of activity several months ago, when the City of Atlanta finally started its formal action on the South Oaks community, annexation opponents were silent.

When Atlanta released its state-mandated service delivery plan for South Oaks, annexation opponents were quiet. When the City of Atlanta held its state-mandated public hearing for South Oaks, annexation opponents were quiet. Annexation opponents remained quiet as the three-day period when property owners and registered voters living in South Oaks could withdraw their signatures from the annexation petition came and went. And now, the Atlanta City Council is expected to annex South Oaks by unanimous consent at its 16 November 2015 meeting without so much as a whimper.

The annexation takes effect 1 July 2016.