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12 October 2015

For #MusicMonday, "Grip" by Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness featuring Jem Cooke

We're a fan of music here at Georgia Unfiltered, and we frequently use Mondays to showcase our eclectic musical tastes.

Most of our Music Monday selections come from established hits from both the present and the past. But today, we're debuting some new music that was recommended to us by one of our readers . . .

. . . "Grip" by Disco Killerz and Sarah Charness featuring Jem Cook.

Disco Killerz team up with violist Sarah Charness and vocalist Jem Cooke on this extremely impactful track. The lyrics, sung by Cooke, are strong. The violin performance by Sarah Charness adds more substance to the track (and we're not just saying that because the violin is one of our favorite instruments) that seems to be missing from a lot of music these days. And the beats from Disco Killerz completes the package.

“Grip” is the first in a series of collaborations between Disco Killerz and Sarah Charness with vocal features including Delaney Jane and Kat Nestel. Additional music will be released in late 2015.