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30 October 2015

Atlanta Releases Service Delivery Plan for Controversial South Oaks Annexation Proposal

In May, two state lawmakers and several citizens begged the Fulton County Commission to halt three proposed annexation requests from the City of Atlanta.

Those opposing the annexation petitions submitted by property owners and registered voters in three communities of Loch Lomond, Sandtown, and South Oaks claimed the documents were invalid and should be rejected.

"I'm a representative with a direct knowledge of what the legal standard is for annexations," state Representative LaDawn Blackett Jones told Fulton Commissioners at their 6 May 2015 meeting. "The application has to include a plan and a report to talk about how the services will be turned over to ensure that the harm of the folks are not -- does not occur as a result of this.

"So today, I present to you on behalf of all the people who are here that this annexation petition cannot move forward legally today because we have not met the requirements of the plans, of the investigation, of verifying the information," Jones concluded.

After receiving counsel from county attorney David Ware, Fulton County Commissioners voted to approve the City of Atlanta's request to annex the South Oaks community.

The South Oaks annexation petition is currently pending before the Atlanta City Council, where local officials are making steps to finalize the move.

A service delivery plan for the area was released on the Atlanta municipal website, detailing how South Oaks residents would receive police, fire, and other city services.

South Oaks Service Delivery Plan

In addition, Atlanta City Council member Keisha Lance Bottoms introduced legislation to designate South Oaks a low-density residential area in the City of Atlanta Comprehensive Development Plan.

Before Atlanta can annex South Oaks, there must be a public hearing where citizens in the affected area can be heard. The date and time of this meeting has not yet been scheduled.