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07 August 2015

'Walking Dead' Star Comes to Defense of Controversial Celeb Scene Executive

For the better part of the past week, Celeb Scene, Inc., and its executive Andy Turner have been embroiled in a growing controversy over the failed Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival.

Celeb Scene sponsored and organized the event held in Carrollton, 24 - 26 July 2015.

The company initially said over 120,000 people would flock to the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Douglas County for the three-day concert. But the festival was forced to move to the much smaller VFW Complex after Foxhall withdrew from its hosting duties.

Fewer than 5,000 fans ultimately attended the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival, according to Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards.

In the aftermath of the festival flop, vendors came forth alleging that Celeb Scene failed to pay them for their services at the event.

Palmetto Amusements was contracted to operate a ten-day carnival, but pulled out after just one day due to not receiving their money from Celeb Scene.

(Markice Moore, who played Andrew in the AMC hit series the 'Walking Dead,' came to the defense of Celeb Scene executive Andy Turner in a recent Facebook post. Image courtesy AMC.)
In a 12-page federal lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, graphics designer James Roger Curtis claims Celeb Scene agreed to pay him $5,000 a month to create, design, and develop both a logo and a website to promote and market the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival. Curtis says he never received a dime.

These allegations caused Carrollton Police to open a criminal investigation into Celeb Scene, Inc., and the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival. As a result of this investigation and the federal lawsuit, the Paulding County Industrial Building Authority (PCIBA) ended its $80,000 contract with Celeb Scene, Inc., and Andy Turner to "run the day to day operations" of Atlanta Film Studios and market the 11-acre production facility to potential buyers.

Despite all this rigmarole, Celeb Scene and Andy Turner are not without their supporters.

'Walking Dead' star Markice Moore took to Facebook, 6 August 2015, in defense of his friend.

Markice Moore spent one season on the hit AMC tv series before his character was killed off.
Through open records requests, Georgia Unfiltered obtained public documents indicating Moore was listed as a reference (shown right) for Celeb Scene by Andy Turner during the PCIBA bidding process to run Atlanta Film Studios.

When asked what qualified Celeb Scene and Andy Turner to run a tv/film production facility, Paulding County Industrial Building Authority Executive Director Blake Swafford told Georgia Unfiltered, "We did receive a proposal and references indicating he had relative experience."