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02 August 2015

OUR OPINION: Boston's Failed Olympic Bid Shows Why Atlanta Remains World Class & Not Second Rate

Just over a year ago, someone up in Boston was talking trash about Atlanta.

This person, former John Hancock CEO David D’Alessandro, was quoted as saying, "If Atlanta can [host the Olympics], Boston can do it, please. Atlanta is a second-rate city at best. And they pulled it off in 1996.”

Up until this week, Boston was the U.S. candidate city for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Boston's Olympic dreams ended when Mayor Martin J. Walsh declared, "I cannot commit to putting the taxpayers at risk.

"If committing to sign a guarantee today is what’s required to move forward, then Boston is no longer pursuing the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Schadenfreude is defined as pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

We, here at Georgia Unfiltered, are experiencing a bit of schadenfreude this morning due to Boston's failed Olympic bid.

Atlanta may be a second-rate city, but we are the last U.S. city to host the Summer Olympics. And we did it well.

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) was pushing Boston to sign a contract putting city taxpayers on the hook should the Olympics cost more than organizers anticipated. Atlanta didn't need such an agreement. Not one penny of taxpayer dollars were used to construct any of the venues used in Atlanta 1996.

In fact, when the books were closed on Atlanta's Olympics, we returned a $10 million profit. That is exceedingly rare for an Olympic host city.

Two decades ago, Atlanta was considered a long shot to host the Olympics. Boston's bid didn't even get out the gate.


The answer is simple. Atlanta is a world class city with the tools and the talent to accomplish big things.

And Boston . . . well, better luck next time following in Atlanta's big footsteps.