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17 August 2015

Fulton County Scheduled to Approve $333,000 College Park Annexation Request in South Fulton

"Staff has found no basis upon which to file a valid objection".

This one sentence causes such consternation and grief to proponents of the proposed city of South Fulton because it means Fulton County Commissioners cannot legally halt an annexation petition. The would-be city of South Fulton keeps getting smaller and smaller as a result.

The summer of 2015 could easily be described as the "Summer of Annexation."

Between the months of May and August, the cities of Atlanta, College Park, and Union City have collectively received annexation petitions from people who own over 1,000 acres in unincorporated south Fulton County. All this land is valued at $60,091,630.

For its last meeting in August, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners is being asked one more time to approve an annexation.

College Park received an annexation petition from an individual owning 6.827 acres along Roosevelt Highway. The property is worth $333,300, according to county tax records.

As has been the case for those 1,000-plus acres approved for annexation in the past, staff has found no basis upon which to file a valid objection.

Once the Fulton County Commission approves this latest annexation request, the petition goes back to College Park for a public hearing and a final vote.