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05 August 2015

Company Behind Music Festival Flop Received Big Paulding County Contract to Run Film Studio

CelebScene, Inc., the company behind the beleaguered Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival, received a lucrative contract from Paulding County just weeks before the festival was announced.

According to documents obtained by Georgia Unfiltered (shown below), the Paulding County Industrial Building Authority [PCIBA] awarded CelebScene an $80,000 contract to "run the day to day operations" of Atlanta Film Studios.

Atlanta Film Studios is an 11-acre production facility featuring two 20,000 square foot sound stages in Paulding County. Built in 2011, Atlanta Film Studios was paid for using $6.5 million in taxpayer-backed bonds.

Media reports indicate that Atlanta Film Studios is losing money, with local officials saying they had to raid the reserve fund to make a payment on the 2012 taxpayer-backed construction bond [Spigolon (21 July 2015). Director says Paulding studio forced to use reserves to make bond payment, but also doubled 2013 revenue. Paulding Neighbor. Retrieved on 5 August 2015.].

Atlanta Film Studios was put up for sale by Paulding County in February, and they hired CelebScene to "market the facility to potential buyers."

Weeks after the contract was signed, CelebScene announced they were producing the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival.

This new revelation is sure to raise questions from government watchdogs about whether CelebScene actually did the job they were hired to do or if the company just used taxpayer dollars to finance a concert widely seen as a flop.

CelebScene is currently defending themselves against a federal copyright lawsuit, and allegations that they failed to pay the graphics designer for the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival logo he created. In addition, CelebScene is being investigated by Carrollton Police for allegedly not paying the vendors they contracted to provide services at the festival.

CelebScene/Paulding County Contract