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26 August 2015

Burger King Proposes a Truce with McDonald's in Atlanta for World Peace Day, 21 September

It’s official.

Burger King is extending an olive branch to McDonald’s, calling for a one-day ‘burger wars’ ceasefire on their longstanding rivalry. Burger King proposes that on Peace Day, 21 September 2015, the two restaurants set aside their differences and unite to create the ‘McWhopper’ - a burger that combines all the tastiest ingredients from their signature sandwiches, the Big Mac® and the WHOPPER®, in one delicious, peace-loving burger.

A detailed exploration of Burger King’s proposal to McDonald’s can be found at

The ‘McWhopper’ would be available for one-day, at one location in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., with the objective of raising awareness of Peace Day. As with any proposal, McDonald’s is free to accept or decline the offer. If they choose not to participate, no harm done - after all, peace isn’t always easy to achieve. Should they say yes, burger fans will get to experience the culinary mash-up of a lifetime, and walk away inspired by the mouthwatering taste of peace.

“Our proposal is designed to generate the most attention and awareness possible for Peace Day and the work of the non-profit organization Peace One Day,” said Fernando Machado, Senior Vice President for Global Brand Management at Burger King Corporation. “We’re being completely transparent with our approach because we want them to take this seriously.

"It would be amazing if McDonald’s agrees to do this. Let’s make history and generate a lot of noise around Peace Day. If they say no, we’ll hopefully have, at the very least, raised much-needed financial support and consciousness for the great cause that is Peace One Day. And both are well worth the effort.”

Peace Day, 21 September, is a United Nations-recognized annual day of global unity, successfully advocated by the non-profit organization Peace One Day.

“Our short term goal is to expose three billion people to Peace Day by 2016. It’s a big target but it’s very possible, particularly with the support of the corporate sector – they have the resources and ability to raise awareness on a massive scale. That awareness creates action, and that action saves lives,” said Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day. “This proposal from Burger King is the corporate sector at its best – coming together, putting their differences aside and saying: ‘come on; let’s do something to manifest a more peaceful, sustainable world’.”