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25 August 2015

Atlanta Wins Title of "Most Honest City" in the U.S.

(Unmanned kiosks stocked with Honest beverages popped-up around the country this summer testing whether or not people would pay $1 on the honor system when no one appeared to be watching. Image courtesy Honest Tea.)
Honest Tea, the top-selling organic bottled tea company in the United States, wanted to test the nation's honesty. So they developed an experiment to see which cities were the most honest.

From 17 July to 10 August, Honest Tea set up unmanned displays of their drinks with a simple request. If a passerby took one of the Honest beverages, they should leave $1 in exchange.

Honest Tea monitored thousands of interactions at 27 different locations across the country to see how honest people are when no one appeared to be looking. Information was collected at each site, including the number of people who paid or stole their beverages.

The results from this light-hearted exam showed that Atlanta is the most honest city in the United States. Every single person who took an Honest Tea beverage in Atlanta left behind a dollar.

Providence, Rhode Island remained at the bottom of the list for a second year in a row. One person in Providence paid for his beverage with a fake one million dollar bill.

For the first time in the history of the experiment, someone stole money from the collection box in Washington, D.C.

Overall, Honest Tea found 94% of Americans were honest, down slightly from 95% in 2014.

The complete National Honesty Index results are available at

Honest Tea donated all funds collected from the on-site social experiments to FoodCorps, a nationwide team that connects kids to real food and better nutrition.