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03 August 2015

Annexation is Back on the Agenda as Union City Prepares to Box in Sable Glen Subdivision

The Sable Glen subdivision off of Buffington Road in unincorporated south Fulton could be boxed in by Union City, if the latest annexation petition wins approval from both county and municipal officials.

Fulton County Commissioners are expected to consider a request, at their 5 August 2015 meeting, that would bring 4.5 acres of land (shown below) into Union City. The land, valued at $63,440, consists of three individual parcels owned by one person.

Staff in the Fulton County Planning and Community Services Department could find no legal basis to object to the proposed annexation, meaning that approval by Fulton County is all but assured.

If the 4.5 acres in question is annexed, the Sable Glen subdivision would be surrounded on three sides by Union City.