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07 July 2015

Not Even a $2,400 Check from Ted Turner Could Solve the Georgia Democratic Party's Money Woes

The Democratic Party of Georgia is teetering on the brink of financial insolvency.

Another Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report filed by Georgia's minority party paints a picture that isn't exactly sunshine and roses. It's a nightmare.

For the thirty-day period beginning 1 May and ending 31 May 2015, the Democrats said they raised $65,390.56; spent $92,518.04; leaving the Party with $38,188.83 cash on hand and $54,781.07 in debt.

In the most simplest terms, the Georgia Democratic Party owes more money than the organization has in the bank.

The largest contributors to the Democrats, during the month of May, were Carey Limousine executive Herbert M. Dangerfield and CNN founder Ted Turner. Dangerfield and Turner gave the Democrats $2,501 and $2,400 respectively.

Two other big dollar donors, Rand Hagen and Mack Wilbourn, received refunds totaling $14,800 for their campaign contributions in 2014.