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08 July 2015

New Venue Brings New Questions About Planning of Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival

When first announced, in March, Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival promoters predicted 120,000 people would flock to the 1,100-acre Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Douglasville, 24 July - 26 July 2015. Organizers also boldly claimed an additional 80,000 would attend a 10-day carnival, held in conjunction with the festival, as well.

In short, event organizer CelebScene promised the world.

They promised on-site camping, space for RVs, fair rides, a BBQ contest, after parties on a 20,000 square foot dance floor, and a Greek village for fraternities and sororities.

Then came the dark times.

Foxhall and the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival parted ways, leaving the event without a venue just weeks before the start date.

CelebScene quickly found a new location for their Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival; the VFW Complex, located at 1625 Bankhead Highway in Carrollton, Georgia. But this new venue is raising new questions about the planning of such a large scale event in such a short amount of time.

With sixteen days left until the country music festival begins, CelebScene is still promising the world.

Promoter Jason Benson told the Douglas County Sentinel, in a recent interview, "tens of thousands of tickets" were sold for the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival [Corley, Laura (2 July 2015). Country music festival moves to Carrollton. Douglas County Sentinel. Retrieved on 8 July 2015.].

"We expect a large crowd," Benson told the Sentinel.

(The 35-acre VFW Complex is slated to play host to "tens of thousands" for the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival, according to event organizers. Aerial view courtesy Google Earth.)
The problem is the large crowd Benson claims will be coming to Carrollton won't exactly fit on the 35-acre VFW Complex (pictured right). Space at that location is at a premium, and there simply is not enough room for camping, RVs, a carnival; all the things CelebScene promised for the inaugural Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival will either have to be scaled back or eliminated entirely.

Georgia Unfiltered emailed the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival and Jason Benson.

We asked if CelebScene had obtained the proper special events permits from Carroll County or the City of Carrollton. We also inquired about the festival's traffic plan; if the festival was working with local law enforcement to prevent congestion on the roads before, during, and after the event; and, given the small size of the VFW Complex, how the festival plans to accommodate cars for parking, RVs and tents for camping, carnival rides, performance stages, and concession vendors.

Neither Jason Benson, CelebScene, or any representatives with the Chattahoochee River Country Music Festival responded to our email.