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16 July 2015

New $1.5 Billion Falcons Stadium Costs More Than a $720 Million Trip to Pluto

Here at Georgia Unfiltered, we monitor news from around the world, looking for any possible connections to the Peach State.

Today, we came across an article appearing on WCCO Minneapolis, Minnesota that caused us a moment of pause:

Reality Check: Trip To Pluto Cost Less Than Vikings Stadium.

The long and short of this piece is that at $720 million, the New Horizons satellite currently beaming images of Pluto back to Earth cost less than the new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

We saw that figure, and were left flabbergasted.

Scientific exploration of our solar system costs less than a building for a team that has never won a Super Bowl.

If you aren't outraged yet, consider this:

With a price tag of $1.5 billion, the new Atlanta Falcons stadium costs more than double the amount of money to send the New Horizons satellite to Pluto. In other words, the generous taxpayers of Georgia could have sent two satellites to Pluto for the cost of one stadium.

And to add insult to injury, Pluto has exactly the same number of World Championships as both the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Falcons combined . . . NONE.