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08 July 2015

2-Day Vendor Fair Set for Local Businesses Owners Wanting to Work at Tomorrowworld

Tomorrowworld, the massive 3-day EDM festival held in Chattahoochee Hills, has left an undeniable economic mark its first two years of existence.

Independent studies by Beacon Economics and ICF International show that Tomorrowworld had a combined economic impact of $179 million on the state of Georgia in 2013 and 2014.

With the third edition of Tomorrowworld right around the corner, local business owners are probably wondering how they can work at the event and get a slice of the economic pie.

The answer to that inquiry can be found at a 2-day vendor fair hosted by Tomorrowworld organizers.

Scheduled for Monday, 13 July and Tuesday, 14 July, the Tomorrowworld vendor fair seeks local business owners in a variety of categories.

The Tomorrowworld local vendor fair will be held at the Cedar Grove Community Center -- 9285 Cedar Grove Road, Fairburn, GA 30213.

Hours of operation on 13 July are 4PM - 8PM.

Hours of operation on 14 July are 9AM - 1PM.