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20 April 2015

Review: Parade of Top Talent Helps Unify Atlanta's Trance Family Around Unity

Atlanta's electronic dance music (EDM) scene is dominated by drum 'n bass, dubstep, and trap music.

All three genres are designed to make the listener move and sweat. But none of the three genres --dubstep, drum 'n bass, or trap-- provide the emotional punch a two-hour trance set does.

Trance, another sub-genre of EDM, is best characterized as an electronic symphony. Much like classical pieces composed by Liszt or Tchaikovsky, trance contains rises and falls; ebbs and flows; peaks and valleys, as the DJ takes you on a musical journey.

Trance fans in the South's capital city, known as the Atlanta Trance Family, have long lamented the availability of good trance around town.

Enter Unity Atlanta.

In 2014, a few friends got together and formed Unity; a new promotion created by trance fans for trance fans. The idea of Unity was to provide a monthly event for the Atlanta Trance Family to get their emotional fix from local talent. Since Unity's first event last year, their monthly shows have grown exponentially to include a parade of top talent from around Georgia and around the world.

Local DJs like Ryan Michael and Bryson Taylor have shared the decks with world-famous DJs such as Mark Sherry and Will Atkinson.

Still, despite their quick rise, Unity remains true to their roots; a place where music unites each and every soul in the Atlanta Trance Family.

Visit for more info on future Unity events.