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03 March 2015

Roswell Republican to Hold Hearing on Proposed City of South Fulton This Week

State Senator John Albers, a Roswell Republican who supports resurrecting Milton County from the ashes of Fulton County, has scheduled a hearing on Senate Bill 140.

Senate Bill 140 is legislation that would create the city of South Fulton out of the remaining unincorporated areas in Fulton County. Albers is a sponsor of the South Fulton cityhood legislation, and also chairman of the committee that will hear the bill.

A public meeting notice was published, 2 March 2015, announcing that the Senate Committee on State and Local Governmental Operations has Senate Bill 140 on its Wednesday, 4 March 2015 agenda. The committee meeting is scheduled to start at 4PM.

The city of South Fulton bill is a controversial piece of legislation that proponents say allows citizens local control over local issues. Detractors of the bill say the city of South Fulton is another Republican attempt to strip down Fulton County so that no one will complain when legislation is introduced to split Georgia's largest county.