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26 March 2015

Oscar-nominated Director Slated to Work on Biopic of Former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson

Auburn Avenue Films, one of Atlanta's newest production companies, is collaborating with an Academy Award-nominated director to produce a theatrical documentary about the life and legacy of Atlanta’s first black Mayor, Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr.

Samuel D. Pollard, the director behind the 1997 Academy Award-nominated documentary Four Little Girls, was tapped to direct the film titled "Maynard."

Currently in pre-production, "Maynard" offers an introspective look into the life of the political and business titan who served three terms as chief executive of Georgia's capital city.

"Most people only remember the public side of Maynard Jackson, Jr. but they never saw the man who struggled with the loss of his own father at the age of 15, the brother who buried two sisters, the husband who went through divorce, or the father who feared he would lose his only son,” said Maynard H. Jackson, III, son of Mayor Jackson. “In this documentary you will definitely see the giant of a mayor but, more importantly, you see the giant of a real man.”

"MAYNARD" offers an intimate view of Jackson from those who knew him best. The film will include personal family photos and rare interviews with his two former wives, his five children, his siblings as well as many of Jackson’s close associates and confidants.